Counseling Services & Fees

 Counseling Services 

I work with Individuals

It can be a great relief to have someone to talk to…someone who can witness your story and provide acceptance and support. I believe that it is through the alliance formed between the therapist and client that healing takes place. My role is to provide the safe container for clients to obtain greater clarity and experience transformation. I work with individuals to set and reach goals, all the while giving them honest and compassionate feedback. I use a variety of theories and methodologies in my work, including DBT, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Solution-focused therapies.

I enjoy working with clients who have not found help elsewhere…those who may be feeling the most hopeless. For those clients I offer individual DBT therapy and DBT Skills Training through my affiliation with DBT Eastside LLC. Please see information on DBT below.

I work with Couples

I see clients who are in committed partnerships…including clients in straight, gay or polyamorous relationships. By exploring the partnerships via each member’s family-of-origin and historical patterns, I help couples to improve their communication and get unstuck from negative cycles of conflict and avoidance. For this work I am influenced by the work of John Gottman, David Schnarch and Susan Johnson. I typically suggest 80-minute sessions for couples.

I work with Teens, Tweens and Families

I get teens. That’s not just because I’ve had one. I understand them and their stages of development and consider it a privilege to witness their challenges and growth. Youth of all ages are under more stress now than at any time in history. Often when youth are struggling it is obvious only by acting-out behaviors…like “cutting”, fighting, withdrawing and worsening grades…as teens typically don’t go to their parents with their problems. These problems may range from chemical depression or anxiety to issues such as bullying or substance use. I specialize in helping youth with social difficulties, teaching them how to make and keep friends and connect with others, including the adults in their lives. I also work in alliance with a substance abuse counselor to offer solutions for dual-diagnosis youth who may be using drugs or alcohol.

I have a passion for working with youth who suffer from a deficit of emotion regulation and stress tolerance skills. For these youth I offer individual DBT therapy and DBT Skills Training through my affiliation with DBT Eastside LLC. Please see information on DBT below.

I work with Systems

We are all a part of multiple systems, including family-of-origin, family-of-choice, work, school and social systems. Regardless of whom I am counseling, I often call in other “family” members, either in person or symbolically, as I believe that the greatest healing takes place through conversations of love and truth (Timothy Weber Ph.D.) with others. I believe that for healing to stick, there is often a need for outside support and communication. For this work I use an integration of Structural, Strategic, Contextual and Symbolic modalities.

I offer DBT Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT, is an evidenced-based therapy originally developed to treat suicidal and self-harming behaviors in individuals who struggle with managing their emotions. It is shown to be highly effective with Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and PTSD. The focus, or main dialectic, in DBT treatment is on “radical” acceptance of oneself as is, while at the same time learning behavioral skills specifically designed to improve emotion regulation, stress tolerance, mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness…all in an effort to create a life worth living. Gold standard DBT includes weekly or biweekly individual DBT therapy sessions in addition to attendance at a weekly DBT Skills Training Group or individual DBT Skills Training. I am able to offer DBT Skills Training Groups through my affiliation with DBT Eastside LLC.


Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.

— Rainer Maria Rilke


My fees are as follows:

$150 for a standard 60-minute session

$225 for a 90-minute session

Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.